RAVEE LLC believes that if you plant the seed, eventually it will sprout.  If you plant the seed of education regarding violence, then you are able to dismantle violence with tools of empowerment.  Once empowered you are able to modify patterns of old beliefs into non-violent lifesyle changes.   RAVEE LLC strongly believes that you can modify behaviors of violence.  Our programs are geared towards educatng and empowerment.  We have programs not only for the aggressor (abuser) but for victims as well.   

RAVEE LLC  programs will help you to address the issues that come with various forms of violence, from the domestic abuser to children who are exhibiting aggressive and violent behavior.  Our programs will also show how to intervene in a safe manner to get help for someone without putting yourself in harm.  RAVEE LLC also has programs that will help individuals avoid becoming victims or aid those who were or are victims to empower themselves in a safe manner to get out of that situation or to protect themselves if they are still in a compromising situation. 

The staff at RAVEE LLC are all Master level clinicians.  We are license and certified in Addictions, Abuser Intervention, Counseling and Domestic Violence.   Our Law Enforcement personnel are all certified and current Law Enforcement professionals in the State of Illinois
RAVEE LLC is able to provide trainings in Abuser Intervention, Abuser Group Facilitation, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse Prevention.  In addition our Law Enforcement Professionals, are able to provide trainings that educate on: Gangs, Drugs, Self Defense and your rights and responsibilties that Law Enforcement has to you.
RAVEE LLC offer trainings to Schools, Social Service Agencies, PTA, Corporate, Veteran and Non for Profit Agencies.  We can design a personalized program to handle specific needs for your agency or organization. 

 Take a look at the programs that RAVEE LLC has to offer .  If you have any questions please feel free to call.  We would be glad to discuss the ideal program or programs that will benefit your company.



PROGRAMS that RAVEE LLC offer are:

Abuser Intervention Trainings,
Domestic Violence Trainings
Veterans and Domestic Violence
Youth and Young Adult Programs  (DREAM Program)
Law Enforcement (programs that shows contributing factors to violence)





Please call for more information regarding RAVEE LLC programs and services.